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The Hope Botanical Gardens remains one of the durable and lasting treasures of the Jamaican landscape. This treasure is fully packaged with trees from all parts of the world. These trees allow for various species of birds to enjoy rest and continue to build their families, while enjoying the fruits and shelter provided.

Recently, the Chinese donated the Chinese Garden to the Hope Botanical Garden, as a kind gesture to the people of Jamaica from the people of China, reflecting the many years of cordial friendship between both countries. Today, the Hope Botanical Garden is seen as one of the green spaces with beautiful flowers and greenery allowing for the children, visitors, tourists, and families of Jamaica to find peaceful comfort and a space to breathe fresh air, play and just “cool out,” as we often say in Jamaica.

As we continue to build out on this treasure of a Garden, we are committed to preserving this space and continue to add value and attractions, which are wholesome and family oriented to peaceful and comfortable existence.

The Board of Directors and Management of the Nature Preservation Foundation are committed to preserving this space, and will continue to ensure we protect our environment and ensure future generations will continue to enjoy this awesome treasure of Jamaica. We pray that God will continue to bless the people of Jamaica, as we all strive to make this land a place to live and grow our children.

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Alfred Thomas


Dr Carol Archer


Peter Depass


Neville Henry


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