Welcome to our Plant Nursery

The Hope Gardens Plant Nursery has a wide variety of plants spanning over 1000 species. Our selection of plants include flowering and non-flowering plants and an assortment of fruit trees such as: oranges and mangoes.

What We Do Here

We provide:

  • A wide assortment of plants, flowers and orchard trees
  • Plant ailment diagnosis
  • Customized plant orders
  • Cash refunds for recyclable flower pots

Plant Tips

  • Resist the tendency to over water, this will induce fungal attack
  • Dont just use a spray, determine your target pest or organism and treat with precision
  • Re-potting is usually necessary to extend the life of a potted plant. When doing this, examine whether its root is bound by a network or web of roots next to the insides of the container

Categories of Plants

  • Herbs
  • Ornamentals
  • Flowers
  • Fruit Trees

Featured Plants


Beautiful flowering plants that tolerate free draining rich soil and can be exposed to full sunlight. 



They tolerate free draining rich soil and also serves as an insect repellent


They have great aesthetic appeal, the can be potted or planted in the field in full sunlight.

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These grow best in fertile soil and full sunlight. They can be potted or used as bedding plants.

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