Top Benefits of a Greenhouse

Top Benefits of a Greenhouse

Most seasoned gardeners love the idea of having a greenhouse. They think it’s the bee’s knees! With such a space, they can determine what they plant, how they plant it and what kinds of returns are made from the work they put in.

Unlike the seasoned gardener, the novice might wonder about the benefits of having and utilising a greenhouse. They may have never operated much less been in one.

There are a number of benefits to such a space. We have curated a few for you. Prepare to get your hands dirty and start your journey of being the best gardener there is.

Controlled Environment

You control your greenhouse. The light that comes, the temperature, the moisture in the air, the soil types, and the plants you have… they are all decided by you who manage the space.

Protected Environment

A greenhouse is a safe haven for plants.

It reduces the accessibility of insects and animals that have the potential to damage or destroy your plants. This greenhouse environment reduces exposure to extreme weather conditions such as torrential rain and droughts. It is the perfect environment for a wide cross section of plants; from the fragile to the strong.

Healthier Plants

Your plants and produce are expected to be healthier since you control the conditions. In doing so, the conditions you decide are best should be based on the individual needs of each plant you have.

When you pair the above with protection from extremes, you facilitate an optimal growing environment for your plants. That’s equivalent to a few green thumbs up in our estimation!

Limitless Season Gardening

A greenhouse is a controlled environment where you can determine the temperature that is favourable for your plants. Based on that, you will have the power to determine when you can plant, reap and sow respective of the season and the type of produce.  

Multipurpose Environment

One of the beautiful things of having a greenhouse is that different soil types are used based on the plants in the space.

Greenhouses are also multifaceted in that a wide cross section of plant life can live there. You can have fruits, vegetables, ornamentals, herbs and in some cases, spices! Imagine that, your trips to the farmers market can be reduced if you lay the right foundations for your greenhouse.

In addition to managing the various soil types, a greenhouse can be used as a storage facility for your gardening tools and amenities. You can consider it your one stop shop for developing your green thumb.

Do you have a greenhouse? Let’s have a discussion about the pros and cons you’ve faced! We may write a blog post inspired by this discussion.

Which greenhouse benefits did we miss?

Share them in the comments below!

Author: Candice Stewart
Published: April 9,2019

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